What to Expect From Your First Scuba Diving Experience (Without Sharks)

This is it, you’ve finally decided to go on your first scuba diving expedition. Maybe it’s at your local swimming pool or maybe you’ve splurged on an all-inclusive trip to the beautiful beaches of Cambodia. Grab your mask, your swimmers, and let’s take a dive – pun intended – into the world of scuba diving!

Cambodia is a land of extremes, from the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat to the modern shopping malls and casinos. But as soon as you get under the water and start your scuba diving trip, you will see even more beauty that this country has to offer

What is Scuba Diving?

To start off scuba diving is one of the most popular underwater activities which allows us poor human to explore the wonders of the sea. As opposed to near surface diving, scuba diving uses a breathing apparatus to breathe for a long period of time. As a diver, you carry on your back your own source of air. You can do scuba diving as a hobby or as a profession in numerous field such as the military and the scientific community.

By entering the wonderful world of scuba diving, you can encounter beauties such as these fishes.
By entering the wonderful world of scuba diving, you can encounter beauties such as these fishes.

What do you Need?

To be able to move underwater, you will first and foremost a good level of health and fitness. This activity can put strain on your body so if you’re unsure about your condition, ask your doctor for his or her approval before starting. Other equipment will include the scuba of course, a diving mask to be able to see the pretty fishes, and a diving suit to protect your skin. That’s not all, you will need fins for your feet. It’ll make you feel like a true mermaid but it works!

Learning to Scuba Dive in a Swimming Pool

Can I Just Start Today?

If you want to go ahead and start diving today you definitely can. However, make sure to inform yourself about the requirements such as scuba diving training and credentials. You will probably need to be supervised by a professional. So start scuba diving today, whether in Cambodia or the beaches of Cuba. Do not be afraid of the aquatic world, it’s full of wonders to discover.

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