Best Ways to Waste Time if You Love the Sea

If you’re as obsessed with the sea as we are, you’re probably grabbing every opportunity to indulge in an aquatic activity you can. Whether it’s a tiny inflatable swimming pool from Walmart or a trip to the beaches of Cambodia, we’ve got some options to quench your thirst of aquatic entertainment.

Go to the beach

This one sounds obvious but if you have some free time, access to a car and a beach. Take your chance and explore the nearby beaches. Bring some friends. There’s plenty you can do at the beach: a BBQ, volleyball games, body boarding, and even sandcastles building.


Join a Swimming Club

Reach out to your nearby swimming club to improve your technique, meet some fellow sea-lovers and why not make some friends? A swimming club can be particularly helpful for those who are training for a triathlon or want to improve their fitness level. It’s also low commitment and doesn’t take hours to get to. Sometimes convenience wins.


Play a Mermaid-Theme Slot Machine

If you don’t have the luxury to go outside and reach the sea, you can still indulge in some aquatic fun on your phone or computer. You can choose a game like Ariana, a slot game from Microgaming. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, there is plenty of chances to admire the ocean inspired design and win great prizes. You can easily find the game online.

Go to an Aquatic Amusement Park

I get it, Six Flags is fun. You know what is even better? An aquatic version of Six Flags, also known as Sea World. Witnessing an array of fishes and learn tons of new information in the process. It’s also family-friendly so that everyone can be included in the fun.


Go Scuba Diving

We would be crazy to not mention scuba diving, we’ve made it pretty obvious it’s a big hobby of ours. Discover the hidden under-water world in a safe and relaxing environment. It’s easy to understand why this activity has made fans all over the world. Nothing beats the sensation of swimming next to exotic fishes and sharks or exploring the great coral reef. We would recommend the beautiful beaches in Cambodia, the best scuba divers in the world all rave about it!

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